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I love sleep, apples and tripartite sentences.

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OOTD 4-14-2012: Blonde-Haired, Brown-Eyed Walking Purple People Eater (In which a stranger tries to tell Sandy how to dress. Again.)

  • Top and Belt: Goodwill
  • Jeans: KMart
  • Bracelet: Crafted by my amazingly talented mother-in-law; there’s a matching necklace that I adore (but was overkill with this look.)

I wasn’t even going to post my outfit today, I didn’t think it was that special or controversial…and then I went for a walk with my dogs.

So, in honor of the woman who asked, “Don’t you think it’s time you went up a size in shirts, honey?,” here are several angles of my fat that inspired looks of utter disgust and confusion from her.

I learned 3 things from the exchange today:

  • I should probably put up some kind of fence to keep these people out of my space.
  • Hypervisibility works. At least, mine appears to be.
  • Being nice really fucks with these people! They must expect me to be hurt/offended; I think they want me to lash out or cry or call them something mean, so when I smile and laugh and say, “Heck no! This top is brand new, I bought it this way and I LOVE the way it hugs my fat body,” I imagine it must break something in their brain, because she just looked at me like I grew another head, mumbled something about “obese” under her breath, and walked away.

feat. perfect human of the day

Excellent. Also, really cute shirt.