Karen Healey: Writes Things

I am an author of young adult novels, including WHEN WE WAKE and the sequel, WHILE WE RUN, GUARDIAN OF THE DEAD, and THE SHATTERING.

I love sleep, apples and tripartite sentences.

I am also a teacher. Hi, students! No, I will not follow you back. Or friend you on Facebook. It's not personal, you're lovely.

All opinions reblogged from others are their opinions. All opinions posted by me are mine, and should not be taken as representing my school or my publishers.

Love me some science reporting.

SCIENTISTS: Are these neutrinos actually going faster than the speed of light? I can’t believe this! This can’t be right! Okay, people, document EVERYTHING, we’ve got to take it to the wider community and ask for independent experimentation to test this.

MEDIA: Time Travel Possible, Scientists Claim.